We guide every step of the production and management system of properties, since the diagnosis of the current situation, planning the technical/economic feasibility study with evolution of herd, investment projections, cash flow and economic results, until regular technical and administrative monitoring of the activity. Our focus is preservation and improvement of heritage with the best economic result possible within the goals and aspirations of the owner.

Stages of the service:




The diagnosis is made by field trip, which includes complete inspection of the property; we collect data such as characteristics of soil, relief, condition of pastures, planting areas, herd conditions, structure of fences and availability of water, equity in machines, leasehold improvements.

The other part is to fill in a questionnaire about how does the process of managing the farm works and productive and economic results. For this we applied the methodology developed and enhanced by Exagro over the years, with inclusion of the results from Benchmarking database Exagro, with more than 1,000 results of dairy cattle and beef cattle farms. The reports compare the results of each farm with database averages and with the average between the 10% with best results in R$/ha/year. Learn more about benchmarking in livestock by accessing the link: Benchmarking.

Tables and graphs that composes a diagnostic report:



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We aim to understand the goals of the business owner, the characteristics of the property and people participating in the project, characteristics of the region where the farm is located and other relevant information that will serve to identify potential scenarios of exploitation and will be simulated in  the Feasibility Study.

Once defined the objectives and possible production systems to deploy on the farm it comes the Feasibility Study, which will be carried out simulations of scenarios with different production systems. The results of each scenario are compared, as well as the sensitivity of each one to variations in production and market parameters, and so are identified indicators and critical actions to achieve the expected results.

With this material in hand, the customer will decide which system will deploy on the farm, now with a larger view of the opportunities and convinced that he made a good choice for his business to prosper.


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Consulting (Deployment and Project management):

Consulting phase is monitoring the implementation of the production defined in the planning.

At this time the consultant makes regular visits to the farm, and using an educational process trains and accompanies the team on the farm so that it is able to perform the activities necessary to the success of the project.

At the same time, the consultant applies knowledge and experience of Exagro to direct the farm for the best alternatives in available technologies and in management method.

All the consulting work is focused on autonomy, transfer of knowledge and methodology. The team will be able to interpret and make decisions on day-to-day occurrences.

Operation models are deployed in key areas:

  • Guidance for adequacy of staff, working concepts of hierarchy, delegation of tasks, autonomy and responsibility, communication and relationship;
  • Training of manpower: practice of grazing management, herd management, reproduction and nutritional management;
  • Pasture Management and herd in order to achieve the goals of productivity designed, the perpetuation of pastures and soil conservation;
  • Planning of formation and regeneration of pastures evaluating the best viable alternative for each area, considering type of grass, invasive grass type and annual availability of financial resources, machinery and labor;
  • Food planning: from this planning it will be stipulated the production of @, distribution of cattle on pastures, programming for the purchase and sale of cattle according to cash flow and support capacity of the pastures throughout the year;
  • Nutritional planning: evaluation and guidance to use Add-ons minerals and concentrates, in accordance with the categories of the herd, goals of cost and weight gain;
  • Annual calendar of activities and health: elaboration of a annual health calendar, consistent with the local climate, with official organs determinations of sanitary defense and with general activities of the farm management, preventive and economic purpose;
  • Implementation of an indicator monitoring model for results: guidance for collecting and organization of productive and economic-financial data;
  • Preparation of annual cash flow forecast, with monthly estimates of revenue and expenditure of funding, purchases and investments;
  • Periodic assessment of what happened versus cash flow planned, animals purchase and selling, weight gain, maintenance services and investments and other indicators we have defined as priorities for project success;
  • Periodic re-evaluation of plans, adjusting to the new realities of climate, market, and possible deviations from planning;

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Closure and evaluation of results:

This phase is practically a new diagnosis. The productive and economic results and a new filling of Internal Functional Assessment form– (INFA) are evaluated, first by the consultant and the client’s team, and later data is included in the Benchmarking database and we send it to the client a new analysis of his results, now compared with results of hundreds of farms.

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Planning update:

In every visit, productive and financial data are accompanied and short and medium-term planning are updated to perform the necessary adjustments in order to take advantage of opportunities and/or correct the problems and achieve or improve the planned result.

At least 2 times per year the long-term feasibility study is updated to confirm if the path designed is still the best option for the farm exploitation, adjust strategies, and envision new business possibilities or production systems models.

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