Cachoeira Alta – GO

Our client since 2014

Testimonial from Cibele Akel Porfirio de Rezende

“I looked for Exagro when I realized I could no longer move forward searching for better results and efficient management by myself. I felt that I need to plan better all my actions and find balance between the stages of the process of rearing and finishing. Therefore, I have chosen to invest in professional management, with focus on planning and constant improvement of  economic  and financial results.

Changes already implemented with this partnership brought me more enthusiasm and more domain and security to act. I feel like I’m on the right track.

I thank Exagro for bringing me the means to a constant improvement regarding to management techniques and production, always tuned with market and I’d like to highlight the professionalism, seriousness and commitment of Rodrigo Castro who is the consultant that helps me. Thank you too Rodrigo!”

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