Engenheiro Navarro/MG

Our client since 2005

Testimonial from Fabio Bergman (Agropecuaria Sondotecnica Director):

“We work with Exagro since 2005 achieving great results. We focus on strategic planning; financial control and resource maximization Exagro is helping us to achieve all of our goals.”

Summary of Work:

Agropecuaria Sondotecnica works with the farms Lemon Tree and Salitre in northern of Minas Gerais state since the 1970s. The farms’ activity is beef cattle with a life-style system and with use of irrigation of pastures and confinement. In 2005, the company contacted Exagro seeking improvement in economic results. At the time, the farm produced Nellore bulls, commercial cattle and hay.

We made a diagnosis of productive results and economic activities of the farm and a planning that drove the company to profitable activities. The production system was adjusted reducing the use of supplementation and increasing the use of pasture.  Adjustments were made in division of pastures and water distribution associated with the training of staff. All this has brought improvements in the management of livestock and pastures, resulting in increased production and reduction of expenses with supplementation.

In the management of the farm, between the main actions implemented are the planning and monitoring of cash flow monthly, with goals monthly sale of animals and billing and monthly goals for the expenditures and investments.

Between the main actions implemented in the management of the farm there are planning and monitoring of monthly cash flow, monthly goals related to the sale of animals and billing and monthly goals related to the expenditures and investments.

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