Buriti and Lagoa Preta Farms
Our client since 2002

Testimonial from Israel Capanema, Director of Pontal Pecuaria Ltda:

“It started as a consultancy and it evolved to partnership where consultant and customer exchange information and knowledge. The methods used in the management of the farms also evolved and today we are focused not only on the financial results but also in Zootechnical and agronomical indices, seeking to achieve a balance between production and costs. Thanks Exagro for the success of our partnership.”

Work carried out at Pontal Pecuaria:

Pontal Pecuaria is composed of 4 farms in the towns of Papagaios and Pequi in the state of MG. They work with beef cattle, dairy cattle, and production of eucalyptus silvipastoril and conventional systems to produce charcoal.

We started the partnership in 2002, when we started the work with a diagnosis of situation, a study of economic feasibility and implementation of the model chosen. This time, the owner was already a rancher and a producer of eucalyptus.

In the management of pastures and herd, water distributions were made and we set up grazing rotation models that allowed improvements in the use of pasture. We aim high productivity per ha, actually reached, with manning high rates in an irrigated system and confinement. The production system deployed is used to make the most of the forage production, using food planning as the key point for obtaining the results proposed, the owner is efficient in conducting sales and purchases planned to adjust the capacity between rain and drought period.

The farms are divided into two municipalities, which complicates management, but we have an owner focused on getting good results, compromised with the methodology of survey and analysis of the information that has been deployed. A rancher who seeks to be an agent of change for the agricultural system, which works in partnership with the consultant, questioning the results that occurred, arguing the information it receives from the Benchmarking Exagro, and seeks innovations that promote improved results.


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