Rondon do Para – PA

Our client since 2006

Testimonial from Daniel Baptistella (JAVAES S/A Agropecuaria Production Manager and New Business Manager, Administrative Director of Brazilian Association of Rural Marketing and Agribusiness – ABMRA).


“JAVAES S/A Agropecuaria It´s a group with more than 30 years of activity in the Northern region of the Country. Throughout our history we have seen many crises in the industry and we survive by seeking constantly be at the forefront of national livestock. For this reason, EXAGRO is our key partner, helping us to work with intelligence, using appropriate techniques applied to our reality, and preaching by good financial management. It is a skilled team and good planning that livestock can give result. That´s why we work with EXAGRO.”

Javaes S/A Agropecuaria works with beef cattle in a life-cycle system all in pasture.

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