Goias – GO

Our client since 2014

Testimonial from Sara Matos

“Brazilian market is characterized by ups and downs, exorbitant taxes, infraction, fees and high interest rates, where profits comes down to investments and expenses. Based on this, ranchers have to professionalize and suit the market through investments in knowledge, planning and budget.

Exagro came to change and improve poor and archaic management, rescuing and enabling projects with profitability and sustainability. This partnership has exceeded expectations and brought us great results, fulfilling vital characteristics in our livestock. I want to list some benefits that changed our administration;

– Management

– Strategic planning

– Budget

– Pasture Recovery

– Reduction of mineral costs

– Profitability

– Finance control

– Herd control

– Herd Precocity and Turnover

I congratulate Exagro team, which is committed to results and solutions focused on the Brazilian cattle industry, which has the third largest herd in the world. Exagro is considered parameter and excellence in Rural Management.


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