Space of the Cooperative Members – Newsletter of  Serro’s Cooperative of Rural Producers – Year 0 – N° 02

Do you have any question? Ask someone who understands!

Did you know that it is possible without major investments to improve the productivity of your farm? This is the specialty of Jenner Missiagia da Silva, Exagro’s Consultant; and he is available to help members of the cooperative. “Planning and management turns milk cattle in a resistant activity to market uncertainties,” indicates the layout of Exagro, a livestock consulting firm with more than 15 years on the market.

Cooperserro has partnered with Exagro to promote development on the farms of its associated members with support and allowance to the hiring of consultancy. The work begins with visits to the property to study characteristics such as soil, relief, condition of pastures, planting areas, level of herd production, structure of fences and water availability, equity in machines, leasehold improvements and cattle. It is also evaluated all economic and financial history, herd evolution, human resources and marketing conditions. With all data in hands, Exagro technicians make a diagnosis and suggest corrective actions and investments to improve profitability.

“We do a monthly monitoring of the properties to guide producers in the implementation of the new control system and suggested improvements,” says Jenner.

Exagro works in all stages of the production system and management of properties, since the current situation diagnosis and technical and economic feasibility study until regular monitoring, technical and administrative guidance. “Our focus is preservation and enhancement of heritage, with the best economic result possible, within the goals and aspirations of the owner”, says Jenner.

Investment brings results as evidenced by Fábio Nascimento Varejao, client since 2005, in testimony to the Exagro Web site: “Exagro taught me to see my farm as a business and nowadays they help me with strategic decisions.” Eronilson Afonso dos Santos, client since 1999, says the consulting increased productivity in his farm “Exagro clarified the actual expenditure and revenue and even designed the future of my property.” Want to know more about this tool? Contact Cooperserro and schedule a visit.

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