Exagro launches first benchmarking in livestock farming in Brazil

Consecrated for years and considered as one of the most important tools of management in various sectors of the economy in the whole world, the technique of Benchmarking consists of a comparative analysis of the main parameters and indicators of a company with a comprehensive group of companies in the same sector. This tool focuses on the most important criteria for each activity, technical, economic, social and environmental.

Despite being widely used throughout the world, benchmarking in agribusiness, particularly in beef cattle is a unique and innovative management technique. This occurs due to the lack of knowledge of the actual results of the farms, which is a characteristic of the Brazilian cattle rancher that generally does not give attention to the corporate management of their property.

Exagro is the first company to assemble and disseminate the Benchmarking program for Brazilian beef cattle. Their correlations and statistical analyzes are certainly contributing to break paradigms and important conceptual changes to define new directions for our beef cattle, as it has been disclosed in the specialized media.


The productive and financial data of farms collected in the last two years will be analyzed under a single methodology of calculation. These calculations will be part of a database with more than 250 active farms and more than 900 results of farms accumulated since 2009. In addition to the numerical data, Benchmarking Exagro scans the internal processes of the farm through qualitative analysis of more than 60 highly relevant issues (Internal Functional Assessment – INFA).

Comparing each parameter and indicator of farm with the average of database and with the average of 10% of the most profitable farms, cattle ranchers have a clear roadmap of what results are liable of improvement. Through the mathematical relationship between the score of each internal processes and each important parameters and indicators, it is easy to identify which internal process should be improved to promote certain productive and/or economic results.

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