Check out the interview with Andre Luis Rofino, owner of Ouro Verde farm lacated in Brejo Grande do Araguaia – PA, Exagro client since 2001 and winner of the prize Featured Pasture Management of BeefPoint.

BeefPoint: What is the biggest challenge of beef cattle in Brazil today?

Andre Luis Rofino: The biggest challenge is not to improve the agricultural giants, big ranchers, but the medium and small ones, thus reducing the distances of production, causing the entire sector to grow consistent for a livestock of high level. The problem is conceptual, i.e. only the major are able to work with modern techniques of production and management improvement. We have to change this by popularizing certain concepts and breaking paradigms. How? With less commercial and more educational programs. The more popular is the production, the greater will be the consumption of inputs and the greater our production. However, that is a subject for a great didactic planning and new performance of all sectors of the productive chain (companies, farms, shops, transport, fridge and people connected directly to the field, with a higher level of knowledge).

BeefPoint: What the industry could/should do to increase its competitiveness in Brazil?

Andre Luis Rofino: Create a basic, simple and clear but massive planning model accessible to everyone in the industry.

BeefPoint: Can you tell us about your successes? What you did and what went right in your career? What is your greatest achievement?

Andre Luis Rofino:  There are many hits, some of them were planned, others we found out later. The biggest one happened 13 years ago when I hired a consulting firm that is now called Exagro, where I work all this time with Marcelo Pimenta. Since then everything has changed. We put numbers on the paper, learned together, found out a different way to do the same thing but with efficiency.

Marcelo Pimenta e andre

Andre Luis Rofino (left) and Marcelo Pimenta – Exagro Director (right)

BeefPoint: We all know we learn from our mistakes. What you did and went wrong? Can you tell us?

Andre Luis Rofino: Many things. However, the worse thing we can do wrong is when we start giving excuses not to do what is right.

BeefPoint: What did you do in 2013 that brought you more results?

Andre Luis Rofino: Discipline, hardworking, organization and planning.

BeefPoint: What do you intend to do in 2014? What are your plans?

Andre Luis Rofino: Discipline, hardworking, organization and planning (laugh).

BeefPoint: In your opinion, what must be done to increase the involvement of young people in farming?

Andre Luis Rofino: The best way to increase the number of young people in the sector, as well as the number of sons and daughters of ranchers in the industry is to deploy a management system and hire some sort of consultancy.

BeefPoint: What is an example of a future cattleman in Brazil today? Who do you admire for doing an excellent job?

Andre Luis Rofino: The rancher who is also Manager. I admire all people involved in the sector, from employees, vendors, owners, all of which are connected in some way, it is true that some people do better but it does not mean that others are wrong. I admire all because being any part in this board is an everyday battle.

BeefPoint: In your opinion, what farm stands out in livestock today?

Andre Luis Rofino: It is difficult to say, there are many, even those that are carried out with sweat and race, have its notability. You always learn something! There is no perfect system; somehow, we all depend on each other.

BeefPoint: Why do you think you were the finalist of BeefPoint Brazil Award?

Andre Luis Rofino: Actually, when I got the press release I thought it was a joke, or some kind of commercial prank!

BeefPoint: What advice would you leave for ranchers?

Andre Luis Rofino: We always have to think about changes, we are not the owners of truth whatsoever, especially when you put math in business.

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