Formosa – GO

Our client since 2012

Testimonial from Antonino de Oliveira

“Aware of the demographic growth of the population in Brazil and around the world generating higher demand for food, by 2012 I realized I could not continue working only to add value to the properties.

So I became interested in professional livestock with defined goals, secure perception of these goals and that it was also compatible with meager financial resources, soil deficiencies and appropriated to the climate of Southeast region of Goias state.

Through research on the Internet I found a company with the desired profile, Exagro. Before long I identified with the company and soon we were working together. It was a breakthrough. We are close to the fifth year of partnership, we have difficulties, but we always have an accurate diagnosis of our reality without surprises or shocks. We work with livestock grazing and started in small scale semi confinement. We are proud to have performance levels close to Exagro Top 10 farms.

Of course it is not easy; in 2015 we had difficulties with exorbitant spare goodwill. However, we must continue working hard, with all attention focused on the realities of the market, products, production systems, and partnerships, joint ventures, especially in the preparation, motivation and integration of our employees including reward for productivity gains.

This is the project in which I always count with the unrestricted guidance and support of EXAGRO truly Excellence in Agribusiness.”

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