Exagro Educational System (EES) was created to collaborate with the academic and vocational training to students enrolled in courses related to Agrarian Sciences. This way we create the opportunity for students to learn about different ways of acting in agribusiness, approaching them to labor market and expanding their knowledge.

At the end of the training, students see livestock in a different way. The main point is the development of a systemic vision of livestock production system that allows the student integrate technical knowledge from different areas in order to define strategies that produce the best economic results in long term.

Among the participants of the Educational System, the directors select trainees to accompany the performance of consultants during visits in some of our clients’ properties and then these participants may be invited to participate in the selection in order to integrate the Exagro consultants’ team.


The cycle of meetings has its duration of 9 months; there are eight meetings during this period. For students who live close to the city of Belo Horizonte we have formed classes In-Person meetings, and for students who live distant, there are virtual meetings through video conferences.

The meetings are held monthly and occur on Saturdays.


The methodological approach proposed for the creation of the SEE is supported by active methodologies:

  • Problem based learning (PBL);
  • Distance education;
  • Foundations of science of complex systems and science of networks;



The use of active methodologies leverages and builds access to collective intelligence. There is a facilitator that leverages productive interconnections in small learning groups. Its function is to contribute to the emergence of dialogs that involve not only the students, but also the professionals. This network structure produces an emergence of applicable knowledge and its systematization, in other words, the transformation of tacit knowledge into explicit accessible knowledge to all professionals involved.


Send an email to ctexagro@exagro.com.br and learn more about the selection and dates.