Exagro will open new classes for Exagro Educational System (EES) in the second half of 2016. The EES is an innovative initiative of Exagro, a different kind of training focused on the development of fundamental skills for professionals who wish to work with livestock. There will be two new classes, one with face meetings in […]

Manegement – The key point!

By Mario Garcia, Executive Director of Exagro. This “efficiency tripod” here represented by Figure 1, has high statistical correlation with the improvement of the results obtained, and R2 = 0.90, 0.99 and 0.94 for production of @ per head, per ha and costing respectively for the database analyzed. The Forum Exagro 2013 confirmed the conclusions […]

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Workshop Exagro 2015

” Beef cattle Management – Critical factors in successful Farms”. This will be the theme of Workshop Exagro 2015, which will be held on June 24th and 25th, 2015 . The event will happen in Campinas – SP, at the Vitoria Hotel Concept Campinas. The programming covers fundamental issues of good management and it will be discussed at […]

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Interview with Andre Luis Rofino – Exagro client and winner of the prize Featured Pasture Management of BeefPoint

Check out the interview with Andre Luis Rofino, owner of Ouro Verde farm lacated in Brejo Grande do Araguaia – PA, Exagro client since 2001 and winner of the prize Featured Pasture Management of BeefPoint. BeefPoint: What is the biggest challenge of beef cattle in Brazil today? Andre Luis Rofino: The biggest challenge is not […]

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Benchmarking in Livestock

Exagro launches first benchmarking in livestock farming in Brazil Consecrated for years and considered as one of the most important tools of management in various sectors of the economy in the whole world, the technique of Benchmarking consists of a comparative analysis of the main parameters and indicators of a company with a comprehensive group […]

Evolving business and people’s lives.

We Work  for the development of Brazilian livestock since 1991. During this time, quality, ethics, respect with our clients and commitment to the results made us lead the segment of livestock consulting. We are today 37 consultants graduated in Agricultural Sciences. We operate in all regions and Brazilian ecosystems and we have about 300 clients in beef cattle, dairy cattle […]