Talismã – TO Our client 2014 Testimonial from Luis Fernando Coelho Guido “Four years ago, I acquired a property in South Tocantins. In that moment, my goal was to deploy an agriculture and livestock project looking forward turning this area into a rentable financial investment. Although I had some experience in this activity, I chose a […]

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Vista Bonita Farm

Cachoeira Alta – GO Our client since 2014 Testimonial from Cibele Akel Porfirio de Rezende “I looked for Exagro when I realized I could no longer move forward searching for better results and efficient management by myself. I felt that I need to plan better all my actions and find balance between the stages of the […]

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Monte Alto Farm

Teofilo Otoni – MG Our client since 2011 Testimonial from Alisson Matos “I met Exagro through a friend, who is now my consultant. I always wanted to have my farm as company where I could get results without tinkereing in my professional side to that. I spend my whole life watching my grandfather and then […]

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Gimibu Farm

Goias – GO Our client since 2014 Testimonial from Sara Matos “Brazilian market is characterized by ups and downs, exorbitant taxes, infraction, fees and high interest rates, where profits comes down to investments and expenses. Based on this, ranchers have to professionalize and suit the market through investments in knowledge, planning and budget. Exagro came […]

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Agua Doce Farm

Formosa – GO Our client since 2012 Testimonial from Antonino de Oliveira “Aware of the demographic growth of the population in Brazil and around the world generating higher demand for food, by 2012 I realized I could not continue working only to add value to the properties. So I became interested in professional livestock with […]

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Pombo Farm

Uberlandia – MG Client since 2005 Testimonial from Julio Cesar “I have tried Exagro aiming to find grants that could show me the best paths for my company, today with their support I take better decisions based on solid data and with this I can draw a future with calculated risks.”

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Santa Lucia Farm

Acreuna – GO Our client since 2005 Testimonial from Guilherme Freitas “With all help from EXAGRO now we see our business in another way. The analysis of financial viability are used routinely to take decisions, with this we achieved greater profitability with sustainable development of the property.”

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Lage Farm

Santa Helena – GO Our client since 2008 Testimonial from Sergio Cunha Campos “EXAGRO brought to our farm with great competence and seriousness the main input for the success of a company, ‘management’.  They proposed real routines and methods of work for the financial control and day-to-day of the farm. Congratulations to EXAGRO team.”


Exagro will open new classes for Exagro Educational System (EES) in the second half of 2016. The EES is an innovative initiative of Exagro, a different kind of training focused on the development of fundamental skills for professionals who wish to work with livestock. There will be two new classes, one with face meetings in […]