Pombo Farm

Uberlandia – MG Client since 2005 Testimonial from Julio Cesar “I have tried Exagro aiming to find grants that could show me the best paths for my company, today with their support I take better decisions based on solid data and with this I can draw a future with calculated risks.”

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Santa Lucia Farm

Acreuna – GO Our client since 2005 Testimonial from Guilherme Freitas “With all help from EXAGRO now we see our business in another way. The analysis of financial viability are used routinely to take decisions, with this we achieved greater profitability with sustainable development of the property.”

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Lage Farm

Santa Helena – GO Our client since 2008 Testimonial from Sergio Cunha Campos “EXAGRO brought to our farm with great competence and seriousness the main input for the success of a company, ‘management’.  They proposed real routines and methods of work for the financial control and day-to-day of the farm. Congratulations to EXAGRO team.”